Audi Tyre Repair & Replacement

Audi is a car brand synonymous with quality and German engineering. If you have an Audi car and aren't sure what are the best tyres to use, we've compiled a comprehensive tyre guide. You can use it to help you figure out the best tyres for your Audi car, depending on how you will use it. Don't compromise price or safety when it comes to tyres. Our Audi tyre guide is designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle and tyres.

Popular Audi Models

Audi A1

The Audi Supermini is a great city car thanks to its compact size. The stock tyres are sized between 185/60R15 and 225/30R19 depending on how you're going to drive the car. The smaller tyres will give you a slightly smoother ride, and help your suspension last a little longer.

Audi A3

This extra compact version of the Audi Executive car has a lot of models. Ranging from a 3-door hatchback, to a sedan, sportback and the convertible Cabriolet model, there's a vehicle type to suit every car owner. You can select tyres especially made for high powered saloons or sportier vehicles in order to give you grip in both wet and dry conditions. Alternatively, tyres designed for both cars and vans can give you a quiet and comfortable drive. The tyre sizes are generally sized between 195/65R15 and 235/30R20.

Audi A4

This Audi model offers saloon, Avant and Allroad options. There's quite a big range between sizes, at 185/65R15 compared to 265/30R20. Some people with the Audi A5 Allroad crossover car may want to go with a summer tyre for sporty handling on both wet and dry surfaces. There are also super sporty options for great grip and dry traction, or options that allow for greater security and control.

Audi A5

With this model of Audi car, you can choose from a Coupé, Sportback or Cabriolet, and choose tyres sized between 225/50R17 and 275/30R20. The latest in the line of compact executive cars, we know you want something more sporty. Your options here range from high traction tyres for safety in all conditions to high performance sports tyres designed for circuit use.

Audi A6

Another Audi car with lots of different models, including the saloon, Avant and Allroad. The diverse range of tyre sizes sits between 195/65R15 and 295/25R22. Get a grip with high performance tuning, or choose sports performance tyres to keep a handle on your vehicle in all conditions.

Audi A7

The tyre size for the Audi A7 ranges between 255/45R18 and 275/30R21. You may want to use your Audi Executive Sportback for city use or for great handling on all your adventures. You have the option of selecting something with super sporty handling for lots of traction and control, or you could focus on the tyre grip for great performance in dry conditions.

Audi A8

This full size luxury saloon car is a great sedan vehicle. Choose from tyres sized between 235/60R17 and 275/35R21. It's possible to get great tread out of the tyres for made for this car, as they are built for sport handling and designed to give you lots of grip.

Audi Performance models

Sport cars require excellent tyres to keep up with the power of their motor. Make sure you have quality sports tyres fitted for your Audi sports car. As a general rule, the Audi sports models will all need tyres that can give enough grip to keep you safe with the sports performance capabilities of your car.

Audi S3

Both a sports model and a small family car, select tyres with excellent grip and tread to keep your family safe. You can choose a tyre size between 205/50R17 and 225/40R.

Audi S4

This sporty compact executive car can be enjoyed in both the saloon and Avant models. Tyre sizes range between 245/40R18 and 255/35R19.

Audi RS4

The Renn Sport/Racing Sport model of the Audi S4 needs tyres that can handle a very high performance. If you're going to take out your Audi on a sports car circuit, ensure there is adequate grip to handle all conditions. Tyre sizes range between 235/40R19 and 255/35R18.

Audi S5

The last in the range of compact Audi sports models, you can choose tyres between 245/40R18 and 255/35R19 for this vehicle.

Audi RS5

You can choose tyres sized 265/35R19 and 275/30R20 for this Audi RS car. These will be able to handle all sorts of curves and speeds.

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  • How does the service operate?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres are a full service mobile tyre business and we supply, fit and balance new tyres. We also undertake wheel alignments on site. Our mobile vans bring the new tyres with them to the job site and remove the old tyres once the job is completed.

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    Road Runner Mobile Tyres are Australia’s largest mobile tyre business, operating 7 days a week in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. SuperCheapAuto and Road Runner Mobile Tyres have joined forces to supply SuperCheapAuto customers with the best tyre solution possible.

  • Are my tyres covered by warranty?

    Tyres purchased from this website will be either Kumho or Pirelli tyres, and information regarding both manufacturers is available on their web sites.

  • What happens if I have ordered the wrong tyre size?

    You are strongly advised to double check the tyre size before confirming your order. In the event that the tyre size is incorrect, or the pattern is not appropriate, a fee may be charged to cover costs of replacement and also the cost of the correct tyre may be different from the tyre ordered.

  • Is there any additional costs?

    There are no additional costs to those paid when ordering the tyres, unless additional tyres or services are ordered once Road Runner Mobile Tyres are onsite.

  • Can wheel alignments be done on-site?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres do wheel alignments onsite. All that is required is a reasonably flat surface that is dry for us to undertake a wheel alignment. Wheel alignments are recommended for any purchase of 4 tyres.

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    Road Runner Mobile Tyres will confirm appointment times 24 hours prior to the agreed fitting time. In the event that the appointment time is not able to be kept, a subsequent time will be scheduled.

  • How long does it take to do the work?

    In the event that we are fitting 4 tyres and doing a wheel alignment, we allow 2 hours for this work. For 2 tyres, we allow 1 hour once we are onsite.

  • What type of vehicles can have tyres fitted?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres can fit all tyres up to 24 inch in rim size. This covers all passenger cars, 4WD’s and most light commercial vehicles. Road Runner Mobile Tyres does not fit truck, tractor or motor-bike tyres.