Ford Tyre Repair & Replacement

Ford has long been recognised as one of the success stories of the United States of America, capitalism and the concept of mass production. Now, millions of drivers all over the world are proud to call a Ford vehicle their own. However, most are unaware which tyres are best suited to their car. Don’t fear: here at Road Runner Mobile Tyres, we’re experts – if it’s made of rubber and it touches the road, we can help you! Here’s our guide to help you when it comes time to replace the current tyres on your Ford.

Popular Ford Models

Ford Falcon

The 2016 FGX is the final addition to the iconic Australian marque, so expect to see plenty of the newer models out on the road soon. 215/60R16 tyres come as standard on the Falcon FGX. Older models, such as the BF and FG, can make use of a range of sizes, from 195/70R13 to 245/25R21.

Ford Fiesta

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the Fiesta is one of the world’s most popular cars. Relatively compact and elegant, the Fiesta has sold over 12 million units since it was released in the 1970s. Popular tyre sizes for Fiestas range from 175/65R14 to 195/55R15, exemplifying just how versatile this car is.

Ford Focus

The wieldy Focus replaced the iconic but much-maligned Ford Escort at the end of the 1990s. Stock tyres for the Focus start at 195/65R15, up to 205/55R16, offering Focus drivers plenty of grip and a comfortable drive, as well as a potential for more speed if needed.

Ford Mondeo

The quintessential family car, the Mondeo has evolved over the years but continues to offer safety, comfort and enjoyment to driver and passengers alike. 205/55 R16 sized tyres can be fitted for a smoother, family-orientated ride but the businessman in a hurry might opt for the wider and quicker 235/40R18 set, with Z speed rating.

Ford Mustang

Bigger, bolder, better – there’s nothing quite like the Ford Mustang for making a statement out on the roads. The 2015 model updates the original ‘pony car’, with a sleek exterior and hard-top or soft-top options available. Speed merchants should opt for the 235/45R17 tyre size - wider tyres, with more diameter but less profile.

Ford SUVs

Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport can accommodate tyre sizes between 195/65R14 and 225/40R18, depending on what you’re using this vehicle for. If you’re out cross-country in the EcoSport, of course choose the larger size. This will enable you to benefit from enhanced grip on those muddy or sandy surfaces.

Ford Everest

The Everest pulled in the awards in 2015, winning Drive’s prestigious Car of the Year award. Equally as comfortable off the roads as on them, the size of the Everest’s tyres depend on what you use your vehicle for. If you’re simply trekking down country roads, fit 245/70R16. Should you be a bit more adventurous, opt for 265/35R22, or any size between these two.

Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga all wheel drive SUV, first released in 2008, can adapt to a variety of terrain, while keeping its occupants comfortable and its driver in control. For optimum performance, consider tyre sizes between 235/55R17 and 265/35R20. It might also be worth looking at your chosen tyres’ load index, especially if you’re taking the whole family to the beach!

Ford Territory

The Australia-only Territory is a crossover SUV, with all wheel drive and rear wheel drive versions available. The Ford Territory is used as a patrol vehicle by Australian police, and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for anyone! The stock tyre for the Territory is 265/60 R18 (Trend) or 265/50 R20 (Titanium).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does the service operate?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres are a full service mobile tyre business and we supply, fit and balance new tyres. We also undertake wheel alignments on site. Our mobile vans bring the new tyres with them to the job site and remove the old tyres once the job is completed.

  • Who is Road Runner Mobile Tyres?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres are Australia’s largest mobile tyre business, operating 7 days a week in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. SuperCheapAuto and Road Runner Mobile Tyres have joined forces to supply SuperCheapAuto customers with the best tyre solution possible.

  • Are my tyres covered by warranty?

    Tyres purchased from this website will be either Kumho or Pirelli tyres, and information regarding both manufacturers is available on their web sites.

  • What happens if I have ordered the wrong tyre size?

    You are strongly advised to double check the tyre size before confirming your order. In the event that the tyre size is incorrect, or the pattern is not appropriate, a fee may be charged to cover costs of replacement and also the cost of the correct tyre may be different from the tyre ordered.

  • Is there any additional costs?

    There are no additional costs to those paid when ordering the tyres, unless additional tyres or services are ordered once Road Runner Mobile Tyres are onsite.

  • Can wheel alignments be done on-site?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres do wheel alignments onsite. All that is required is a reasonably flat surface that is dry for us to undertake a wheel alignment. Wheel alignments are recommended for any purchase of 4 tyres.

  • What happens if I miss my appointment time?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres will confirm appointment times 24 hours prior to the agreed fitting time. In the event that the appointment time is not able to be kept, a subsequent time will be scheduled.

  • How long does it take to do the work?

    In the event that we are fitting 4 tyres and doing a wheel alignment, we allow 2 hours for this work. For 2 tyres, we allow 1 hour once we are onsite.

  • What type of vehicles can have tyres fitted?

    Road Runner Mobile Tyres can fit all tyres up to 24 inch in rim size. This covers all passenger cars, 4WD’s and most light commercial vehicles. Road Runner Mobile Tyres does not fit truck, tractor or motor-bike tyres.